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Atelier Saturne

Long necklace - Tomoo (White Labradorite)

Long necklace - Tomoo (White Labradorite)

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Discover the dazzling Atelier Saturne necklace, a wonderful ethical piece, unearthed by a passionate artisan (Me 😇) in Quebec.

The Atelier Saturne necklace is a unique creation, born from love and respect for nature, with ecological materials carefully selected for their beauty and durability.

White labradorite is a variety of labradorite, a gemstone that is often associated with spiritual and energetic properties. Although specific effects may vary from person to person and are not scientifically proven, here are some of the mental health benefits attributed to white labradorite:

1. Mental Clarity: White Labradorite is said to help boost mental clarity, improve concentration, and aid problem solving.

2. Energy Protection: Many people believe that white labradorite has energy protection properties. It can help ward off negative energies and create a protective shield around the person wearing it.

3. Emotional Balance: Some users find that white labradorite helps balance emotions, reduce stress, and promote a more calm and balanced attitude.

4. Intuition and creativity: The stone is also associated with the development of intuition and creative inspiration. It can help stimulate the imagination and promote intuition-based decision-making.

5. Spiritual Connection: White Labradorite is often considered a stone that facilitates spiritual connection. It can help open the third eye and improve spiritual perception.

6. Reduction of anxiety: Some users find that white labradorite helps reduce anxiety and promote an overall sense of well-being.

7. Spiritual Communication: White Labradorite is said to facilitate communication with spirit guides or spiritual entities, if that is a practice you believe in.

It is important to note that these benefits are based on esoteric beliefs and alternative healing practices, and they are not scientifically proven.

Order now and benefit from free delivery in Canada on all orders over $60 (excluding taxes), or for just $8.

You can also pick up your order for free at the workshop, located at Plateau mont Royal in Montreal, or pick it up during our upcoming events, listed on the home page of our online store or on our Instagram account (@ workshopsaturne).

Owning an Atelier Saturne piece of jewelry, designed and handmade in Quebec with recycled and environmentally friendly materials, means supporting local production and offering a second life to these beads and charms, for timeless and responsible beauty.

The three golden rules for keeping your Atelier Saturne jewelry for a long time

- Do not sleep with your jewelry (perspiration and body acidity can alter the gold plating. (if it is gold jewelry)
- Do not take a shower with it (the plated will be damaged, also the charms and vintage beads are not in stainless steel as they are upcycled, when the jewel is ok with the shower, I specify)💕
- Love them and make them shine by your side. ❤️🌙

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