Questions ?

Do you offer free order pickup in Montreal ?

Yes, it is entirely possible to select pickup at the time of purchase. You can pick it up either at the workshop (Papineau/Mont Royal) or at a market (I have them very often)

Obviously if the appointment is at the workshop we will make an appointment that suits both of us so that I can organize myself. The key is not to show up at the workshop without saying anything to me because I'm not there 24/7. There is no collection possible at the workshop on weekends.

Note that I can keep your orders so no stress picking them up. I also have them with me at all the markets so you can come and pick it up at that time (and without warning me)

Very important: Write to me (by email ( and not on Instagram or Facebook) to make an appointment.

Note that this is really something I offer to get free delivery. So bear with me.

I don't want to remove this option but I don't want to be stressed by thinking that people could pass by at any minute and I'll be caught off guard or absent! ❤️ THANK YOU 🙏

Do you have a physical store?

I don't have a store but a witch's showroom. You must reserve a time slot to come visit it and discover the jewelry in real life. Cottage jewelry is not online. You will therefore have the exclusive right to shop them in complete privacy. I accept credit cards without problem.

* The three golden rules for keeping your Atelier Saturne earrings for a long time *

- Do not sleep or shower with your jewelry (perspiration, water and body acidity can alter vintage charms.
- Love them and make them shine alongside you. ❤️🌙

What are Atelier Saturne jewelry made of?

The clasps, rings, chains are new and made of stainless steel.

When they are gilded they are either gold vermeil or gold plated.

On each product sheet it is indicated what the jewelry is made of.

All other parts of the jewelry will be upcycled: pearls, pendants, medallions.

Some pendants are new:

- They are bought from companies that have stopped their activities

- They come from old collections of jewelry companies

I believe that anything unused, vintage or not, deserves a second chance.

What are the processing times for an order?

The processing time for an order is 7 working days maximum. I don't process any orders on weekends because I'm in the market most of the time and sometimes I give myself free time to live a little if I have the opportunity 😅😂

I go there at least once a week. If you are in Montreal I advise you to favor the pickup of the order which will certainly go 10 times faster than sending it by post.

Once the package has been dropped off, the delay with the post office varies and unfortunately this is completely out of my control once they have the package in their hands. It can be very quick or a little longer depending on our luck 😅 #PosteCanadaLife

Regardless, please be courteous and realize that a small business will never go as fast as Amazon. We do our best and work very hard for customer satisfaction. 🖤 ​​We take on the role of 10 employees in different positions when we are the only ones who have to manage everything, which is my case.

Thank you for understanding.

Do gemstones replace medications?

No ! The information on the product sheets is intended to inform you about the benefits of the stones and in no way replaces medical or psychological care by health professionals.

I have unused and/or broken jewelry at home, do you collect it?

Oh yeah !! The only condition is that you are in Montreal. In exchange I will offer you a compensatory promo code. I can also buy your stock from you if it has good value in my eyes.

Do you repair jewelry?

Depending on what's broken, yes I can definitely fix it! A chain to change, a ring unhooked... Don't hesitate to write to me!

Please note: I don't do soldering, I don't yet know how to set stones in a medallion either.

Bespoke and personalized orders

Do you have an idea for jewelry that I could create for you? Write to me with an associated photo, I would be delighted to create the jewelry of your dreams!

Wholesale Opportunities

If you would like to resell Atelier Saturne jewelry at your point of sale, write to me

I am not closed to leaving my jewelry in places other than boutiques!

My package is written as "Delivered" but I have not received it.

Indeed, a package written as delivered means that it has been placed in the recipient's mailbox.
If this situation arises, contact your local post office. Write to me based on the solution provided by them

My package has still not arrived, what should I do?

Don't panic, it's rare for packages to get lost.
First of all, it must be taken into account that with the current pandemic, the deadlines indicated are no longer really representative of the current situation. It is normal that receipt of the package exceeds the times indicated because even if the packages leave the workshop quickly, the management of the post office is beyond my control.
If you have not received your order within 30 days of shipping, email me.

Some carriers do not offer real-time tracking information. They may delay updating tracking locations for several days. Rest assured, your package is still on its way to you and probably further than it seems.

I made the wrong address when I placed my order, what should I do?

Atelier Saturne processes orders quite quickly. Sometimes an order will be packed within minutes of being placed. If you have given us an incorrect delivery address, it is very important that you send me an email as soon as possible ( or Instagram message (@ateliersaturne) with the incorrect delivery address and the shipping address you would like changed. There is no guarantee that I will be able to change the address before the package leaves me, but I will do my best.

Also, if the package arrives at the wrong address indicated, it will be returned to the sender (Atelier Saturne). The delivery costs to return the package to you will be the responsibility of the buyer because the error does not come from me. Otherwise, if the error comes from me, these costs will be my responsibility (obviously! But I reassure you, I reread the address at least 3 times before purchasing the shipping slip so it doesn't matter. not likely to happen mouhahaha 🤣)

Another question ? Write to me in the chat below, by email or on Instagram, I'm all ears!