The story of Atelier Saturne

Good morning! I'm Cindy đŸ–€

Passionate about jewelry making and the magic of stones for many years, I wanted to create my own business in 2018.

It was inconceivable for me to create a business that was not aligned with my ecological values.

I wanted something eco-responsible and at that time I had no idea, nor the maturity.

2020, global pandemic, I wonder what I could do to occupy my mind without thinking about all that is going on.

And then one night, I felt like a burst of magic, dreaming quite simply of "upcycling" stones, pearls that already existed, which had been used in another form or in an old jewel, in order to make them again. a new jewel, to give them a second life.

This is the birth of Atelier Saturne ✹đŸȘ
Almost all the components of atelier saturne jewelry are therefore “recycled”. The clasps, branches of earrings and chains of necklaces are new, for reasons of durability and hygiene, also they are made of stainless steel which makes them durable and hypoallergenic jewellery.

The stones used will undergo several reliability tests so that the new owner of the jewel can take full advantage of its properties.

The charms associated with jewelry are found in resource centers, on second-hand sites or bought from companies that have decided to get rid of them.

With Atelier Saturne, nothing is thrown away, everything is transformed. Which makes it a strong, sustainable, eco-responsible and ethical brand!

I hope you will like the concept and that you will embark with me on this great adventure! đŸ–€

EDIT: Until January 2022, I was working full time in a beautiful boutique in Montreal. Atelier Saturne was my company next to my "real work". When I came back from vacation, I sadly learned that this shop that I loved so much was going to have to close its doors forever...

Following that, I decided in February 2022 to devote myself 100% to Atelier Saturne. It was a dangerous choice, but it was the choice of the heart. I wanted to try and give myself this chance to live from my passion.

It's been almost a year that thanks to all of you, I live from my jewelry. Atelier Saturne is a growing company and it's a dream that grows a little more every day.

Thank you all for your support, from a simple like, comment, sharing message on social media to your orders. All of you, you put your little stone in the building and you make someone happy... Me đŸ–€