Points of sale

IMPORTANT: Note that the jewelry you find on my online store will not be available in my points of sale. They are exclusive to me.

Moreover, each point of sale offers different jewelry.

It is the shop owners who make their selection.

Don't forget that my models, being upcycled, are created in very limited series!

Moonchild Store

Order pick-up possible in Mirabel

Boutique Le Palais Bubbles

250 Saint-Zotique Street E QC H2S 1L3 Montreal

Sweet Madness Shop

1829 Mont-Royal Avenue E, Montreal, QC H2H 1J2

EVOLU shop



3647 Taschereau in St-Hubert

Tonic Workshop

1247 Rue Belanger, Montreal, QC H2S 2C3

Peaches Tattoo Studio

2025A rue masson (second floor go straight ahead in the corridor, studio 209)

Write to the salon on instagram to ask them for a pass. @peaches.tattoostudio or @blancherenarde

The most beautiful tattoo parlor in all of Montreal! You will find my simple creoles, all the flowers but also unique witchy jewelry (the only point of sale to hold them)

The only thing is that you have to make sure that the artists are there when you want to see the jewelry, as it's not a shop: if they don't tattoo, the door is closed hahaha

If you want to resell Atelier Saturne jewelry in your point of sale, beauty salon, tattoo or other write to me at ateliersaturne@gmail.com

I am not closed to selling my jewelry in places other than shops as long as your universe corresponds to my values ​​✨