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Atelier Saturne

Earrings - Morwen

Earrings - Morwen

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Discover the enchantment of our sublime, magical and magical earrings, made with devotion in the heart of Quebec.

Each pair of earrings is meticulously crafted from reclaimed materials, transforming ordinary elements into truly unique gems, charged with positive energy.

These timeless creations have a unique and mystical aura, revealing your unique personality and adding a touch of magic to your style. Opting for these bewitching pieces means choosing ethics and responsibility, while displaying an elegance that leaves no one indifferent.

The magical features of these earrings:

- Upcycled earrings by Atelier Saturne
- Designed with love and passion in Montreal, cradle of creativity.
- Charms and beads carefully selected for their magical and original aesthetic.
- Gold vermeil clasps on stainless steel for absolute comfort all day long.

Treat yourself to the magical experience now by benefiting from free delivery across Canada for all orders of $60 or more (excluding taxes), or take advantage of picking up your order for free at our workshop, located in Plateau Mont Royal to Montreal.

Also check out our online homepage or follow our Instagram account @ateliersaturne to find out about our next upcoming markets.

By becoming the happy owner of an Atelier Saturne piece of jewelry, you support local craftsmanship while breathing new life into beads and charms intended to be abandoned, while preserving our precious environment. Let yourself be enchanted by this magic and add a magical touch to your jewelry collection.

The three golden rules for keeping your Atelier Saturne jewelry for a long time

- Do not sleep with your jewelry (perspiration and body acidity can alter the gold plating. (if it is gold jewelry)
- Do not take a shower with it (the plated will be damaged, also the charms and vintage beads are not in stainless steel as they are upcycled, when the jewel is ok with the shower, I specify)💕
- Love them and make them shine by your side. ❤️🌙

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Customer Reviews

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Sabrina Côté
2e trou

Les breloques ne sont pas trop grosses, donc j’aime bien mettre cette paire dans mon deuxième trou. L’evil eye jaune est magnifique!