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Atelier Saturne

Grigri Special Edition Necklace - Self-Confidence

Grigri Special Edition Necklace - Self-Confidence

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So proud to present my "self-confidence" Grigri necklace collection.

This is the theme that is closest to my heart because the lack of self-confidence hinders a good part of the population from realizing their dreams. And yet. Everything is possible. All it takes is a little stardust and courage!

- hypoallergenic
- does not rust

stainless steel chain

Necklace size close to the neck, I can add rings (for free) if you have a rather wide neck. It is with pleasure, write to me!

This necklace will be your daily lucky charm. Composed of 6 lithotherapy stones and a Atelier Saturne medallion, it will carry your intentions and serve as a memo in times of doubt: YOU ARE CAPABLE.

I decided to use five different types of crystals so you can find the one that works best for you. That said, I urge you to trust your intuition and listen to your little inner voice to choose it. As a general rule, all you need is a glance to find THE stone you need.

To see the jewelry worn, watch this short video:

Necklace 1: GARNET

It develops self-confidence , courage and perseverance, thus helping to carry out projects. It restores harmony and serenity. It is an amazing anchoring stone that helps to distance the depressions and despairs due to the fiascos and the jolts that life can place on the path of a person. Garnet allows you to get rid of feelings of persecution.


It is a stone of peace and balance. It promotes clear ideas and brings a positive outlook on life, it would bring peace of mind and help control emotions.
Aventurine is the stone of creativity and determination. It promotes free will, freedom of thought, well-being and self-confidence. Faced with changes in life, it helps to make decisions, to face complicated situations, to overcome heartache. It calms irritability making it more patient and persevering.


Symbol of tenderness and happiness, this stone stimulates intelligence and imagination, finesse of mind, and creativity. Lapis lazuli restores self-confidence and encourages taking control of your life . It endows the personality with honesty, righteousness and compassion. Brings nervous or anxious people deep peace.


Smoky quartz establishes a good connection between the body and the spirit, thus it reinforces the sense of realities. This stone is powerful for putting down roots , chasing away dark thoughts, gloom. It makes its wearer more lucid and responsible. It is ideal for people who lack self-confidence, or who find it difficult to trust others. It promotes concentration and helps to make decisions, making the mind clearer. Smoky quartz promotes concentration and stabilizes mood.

It is a stone that engages in reflection, and is recommended for people in a hurry and go-getters.


Onyx grants strength, and supports in difficult times, in business, and during times of physical and mental stress. This stone anchors fickle people in a more stable way of life and helps with self-mastery, self-control.
Onyx allows us to find a solution during an upheaval in our life during
 immense mental or physical stress. It also helps to take control of your future .

✨ This information is intended to inform you about the benefits of the stones and in no way replaces medical or psychological care by health professionals.✨

Comes in its little pouch with its card and goodies ✨

Arrives in envelopes and recycled bubble wrap, for the planet 🌍


Montreal: Free pickup at the workshop (metro Frontenac) or during the markets (see the home page of the online store to see the upcoming markets)✨❤️

* The three golden rules for keeping your Atelier Saturne earrings for a long time *

- Do not sleep with your jewelry (perspiration and body acidity can alter the gold plating.
- Do not take a shower with it (the plated will be damaged, also the charms are not stainless steel as they are upcycled)💕
- Love them and make them shine by your side. ❤️🌙

The three golden rules for keeping your Atelier Saturne jewelry for a long time

- Do not sleep with your jewelry (perspiration and body acidity can alter the gold plating. (if it is gold jewelry)
- Do not take a shower with it (the plated will be damaged, also the charms and vintage beads are not in stainless steel as they are upcycled, when the jewel is ok with the shower, I specify)💕
- Love them and make them shine by your side. ❤️🌙

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Customer Reviews

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Tellement beau et agréable à porter. Je le porte presque tous les jours!


Ils sont superbes! Tellement superbes que j'ai achetés le Onyx, Grenat et Lapis pour moi. Comme j'hésitais entre les trois couleurs, je me suis dit que ce serait l'occasion de varier selon la tenue. J'en ai également achetés trois autres pour faire des cadeaux dans la famille ❤ Magnifique tour de cou, belle création Cindy 😍