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Atelier Saturne

Earrings - Pink Moon (Lepidolite)

Earrings - Pink Moon (Lepidolite)

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Let yourself be enchanted by these magical, unique and upcycled earrings, handmade in Quebec.

Each pair is carefully crafted from reclaimed materials and transformed into beautiful, original jewelry.

Hypoallergenic gold vermeil clasps ensure comfortable and secure wear for all skin types.

The quality of the gold vermeil ensures that the gold of the earrings will not tarnish over time, unlike gold plated.

It is a great option for people with allergies to brass, for example, without sacrificing style and quality.

Each pair of earrings is one of a kind, reflecting originality, and will be the perfect complement to add a touch of magic to any outfit.

With these earrings, you can be sure to make an ethical and responsible choice, while having a unique and witchy style.

Features :

  • Upcycled earrings by Atelier Saturne
  • Handmade in Montreal
  • Quality recycled charm or bead selected for their unique aesthetic
  • Hypoallergenic gold vermeil clasps on stainless steel for optimal comfort
  • This pair is unique

Order now and benefit from free delivery in Canada for all orders of $60 or more (excluding taxes), or for only $8.

Collect your order for free at the workshop ( Plateau Mont Royal in Montreal) or during upcoming markets (see the home page of the online store or pinned post on the Instagram account @ateliersaturne).

Owning an Atelier Saturne piece of jewelry handmade in Quebec, with recycled and environmentally friendly materials, means encouraging local and giving a second life to these beads or charms.

Lepidolite brings a feeling of inner stability, allowing you to manage stress and release anxiety. It gives the courage to make the necessary decisions during tense situations. Lepidolite gives peaceful and restful sleep and eliminates insomnia, it is a powerful obstacle to nightmares.

It helps eliminate all kinds of negativities and contributes to the development of spiritual senses.

✨ This information is intended to inform you about the benefits of stones and in no way replaces medical or psychological care by health professionals.✨

The three golden rules for keeping your Atelier Saturne jewelry for a long time

- Do not sleep with your jewelry (perspiration and body acidity can alter the gold plating. (if it is gold jewelry)
- Do not take a shower with it (the plated will be damaged, also the charms and vintage beads are not in stainless steel as they are upcycled, when the jewel is ok with the shower, I specify)💕
- Love them and make them shine by your side. ❤️🌙

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