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Atelier Saturne

Earrings - Magic Pumpkin

Earrings - Magic Pumpkin

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Upcycled earrings by Atelier Saturne are made in Montreal from recycled materials carefully selected for their quality and unique aesthetics. Each pair is unique and handmade with passion and skill. The hypoallergenic stainless steel clasps guarantee optimal comfort for the most sensitive ears.

These upcycled earrings are an eco-responsible choice for those looking to consume in a more sustainable and conscious way. They are also perfect for those who like to wear unique and original jewelry.

Features :

  • Upcycled earrings by Atelier Saturne
  • Handmade in Montreal
  • Quality recycled charm or bead selected for their unique aesthetic
  • Hypoallergenic stainless steel clasps for optimal comfort

Order now and enjoy free delivery in Canada for all orders of $60 and more (excluding taxes), or just $8.

Pick up your order for free at the workshop (near Frontenac station in Montreal) or during upcoming markets (see the home page of the online store or post pinned on the Instagram account @ateliersaturne).

Owning an Atelier Saturne jewel handcrafted in Quebec, with recycled materials and respectful of the environment, is to encourage local and give a second life to these beads or these charms.

The three golden rules for keeping your Atelier Saturne jewelry for a long time

- Do not sleep with your jewelry (perspiration and body acidity can alter the gold plating. (if it is gold jewelry)
- Do not take a shower with it (the plated will be damaged, also the charms and vintage beads are not in stainless steel as they are upcycled, when the jewel is ok with the shower, I specify)💕
- Love them and make them shine by your side. ❤️🌙

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Arielle Lemonde

Le orange n'est pas mon premier choix généralement, mais vu l'automne qui arrive et la beauté de ces petites boucles, je n'ai pu y résister. Je les adore 🧡